pyRserve 0.5.0 released

The latest version is now available via pypi (easy_install -U pyRserve).

About pyRserve

pyRServe is a library for connecting Python to an R process running under Rserve. Through such a connection variables can be get and set in R from Python, and also R-functions can be called remotely.

Changes in V 0.5.0

  • Renamed pyRserve.rconnect() to pyRserve.connect(). The former still works but shows a DeprecationWarning
  • String evaluation should now only be executed on the namespace directly, not on the connection object anymore. The latter still works but shows a DeprecationWarning.
  • New kw argument atomicArray=True added to pyRserve.connect() for preventing single valued arrays from being converted into atomic python data types.

Documentation and Support

The documentation for pyRserve is available at
The corresponding Google news group can be found at


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