pyRserve 0.6.0 released

While being at EuroPython in Florence the latest version of pyRserve has now been finished and is available via pypi (easy_install -U pyRserve). If you are at EuroPython, too, and want to talk about it just come and see me.

About pyRserve

pyRserve is a (pure python) client for connecting Python to an R process on a remote server via TCP-IP (using Rserve). R is one of the most important and most widely spread open source statistic packages available.

Through such a pyRserve connection the full power of R is available on the Python side without programming in R. From Python variables can get set in and retrieved from R, and R-functions can be called remotely. No R-related libraries need to be installed on the client side.

Sample code

>>> import pyRserve
>>> conn = pyRserve.connect('')
>>> conn.r('1+1')                # direct evaluation of a statement in R
>>> conn.r.myList = [1, 2, 3]    # bind a Python list in R to variable 'myList'

>>> conn.r('func1 <- function(v) { v*2 }') # create a function in R
>>> conn.r.func1(4)                        # call the function in R

Most important changes in V 0.6.0

  • Support for Python 3.x (therefore dropped support for Python <= 2.5)
  • Support for unicode strings
  • Suport for Fortran-style ordering of numpy arrays
  • Elements of single-item arrays are now translated to native python data types
  • Full support complex numbers, partial support for 64bit integers and arrays

Documentation and Support

The documentation for pyRserve is available at
The corresponding Google news group can be found at


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