pyRserve 0.8.1 released

About pyRserve

pyRserve is a (pure python) client for connecting Python to an R process on a remote server via TCP-IP (using Rserve). R is one of the most important and most widely spread open source statistic packages available.

Through such a pyRserve connection the full power of R is available on the Python side without programming in R. From Python variables can get set in and retrieved from R, and R-functions can be created and called remotely. No R-related libraries need to be installed on the client side, pip install pyRserve is all that needs to be done.

Sample code

This code assumes that Rserve (the part that connects the R engine to the network) already is running. Details can be found in the pyRserve docs.

>>> import pyRserve
>>> conn = pyRserve.connect('')
>>> conn.eval('sum( c(1.5, 4) )') # direct evaluation of a statement in R
>>> conn.r.myList = [1, 2, 3] # bind a Python list in R to variable 'myList'

>>> conn.voidEval('func1 <- function(v) { v*2 }')  # create a function in R
>>> conn.r.func1(4)                                # call the function in R

Most important changes in V 0.8.x

  • Support for out-of-bound messages (allows for callbacks from R to Python) (contrib. by Philip. A.)
  • Rserve can now be shutdown remotely (contrib. by Uwe Schmitt)
  • Fixed bug when passing R functions as parameters to R functions
  • Documentation errors have been fixed

Documentation and Support

The documentation for pyRserve is available at
The corresponding Google news group can be found at


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