Skills and technologies

Open source software inside

Most of my projects are realized using primarily open source components. The advantage for my customers is that no license fees need to be payed in contrast to commercial software like e.g. Oracle etc. Also open source packages are often of equal or even higher quality than their commercial counterparts.

On the other hand it usually no problem to link new software components developed with open source packages to existing closed source solutions, building up a happy cooperation of free and commercial software.

Python is my programming language of choice

There are hundreds of computer languages available, earch with its own special pros and cons. After having learnt about 15 different languages Python was the one standing out of the mass: It is elegant, easy to learn, the code is very readable, it has powerful language structures, and finally you can find countless free and very elaborate libraries and packages for it. I'm now using Python for more than 15 years, and yes: it's still my favourite!

Personal skills

General software development skills and experience

Specific skills related to Python